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Victoria Falls airport Taxis and Transfers to Victoria Falls Hotels

Current Prices for Victoria Falls airport Taxis and Transfers to Hwange, Binga, Kasane Botswana and Livingastone Zambia

Road and Airport Transfer as well as Shuttle Service in the Victoria Falls area, including across the nearby borders of Botswana, Zambia, Namibia and up to Hwange park in Zimbabwe

Transfers are the most practical way around the region. Car hire is not recommended


Newton, Brian, Carven and Albert and Rangis of Falcon Safaris - our ground operators in Victoria Falls


Road transfers as well as airport meet and greet.

The vehicle fleet consists of :

Mitsubishi Pajero - 4x4 wheel drive - airconditioned
- seats 6 passengers

Toyota Landcruiser - 4x4 wheel drive - airconditioned
- seats 4 passengers

Mercedes Benz microbus & Trailer - airconditioned
- seats 13 passengers

Toyota Hi Ace - air conditioned - seats 8 passengers


Other Ways of Getting Around Zimbabwe

Car Rental | Vehicle Hire

Available at airports and main hotels. Documentation: International Driving Permit or national licence (for up to 90 days); if not in English it must be accompanied by a certificate of authority or translation of text

Car hire in Zimbabwe is available but expensive - best suited for exploring the east and south-east of the country. A deposit of USD2,000 in cash is usually required

Road transfers between Livingstone, Chobe, Hwange and Binga are easy to arrange

Motor Vehicles

Private motor vehicles, caravans and trailers may be brought temporarily into Zimbabwe, provided they are licenced in their home countries and bear appropriate registration plate and nationality plaque. If the car is leased from the bank obtain clearance at least 3 days prior to departure

When hiring a vehicle from outside Zimbabwe make sure that Insurance Coverage is possible

The International Certificate of Motor vehicles is recognised in Zimbabwe

Vehicles must be insured against third party risks arising in Zimbabwe, short-term policies are obtainable at border posts

Third Party Insurance

When entering Zimbabwe by (hired) car a ‘temporary import permit’ will be issued at the border.
The following charges apply and need to paid at boarder posts

A Third Party insurance covering Zimbabwe needs to be obtained at the boarder if no valid COMESA yellow insurance card has been provided by the car hire firm

Driving in Zimbabwe

International driving permits and valid driving licences issued in Zambia, Malawi, South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho and Swaziland are valid in Zimbabwe. A visitor from any other country may, for 90 days or more (depending on the country of issue), use a valid driving licence, issued by the competent authority in that country. If not printed in English, it should have a printed certificate of authority and validity, or a transcription of the text with the bearer's photograph attached

Rules of the road:

In Zimbabwe drive on the left hand side of the road and give way to traffic approaching on the road to your right at uncontrolled intersections.

At controlled intersections, motorists are required to yield to pedestrians crossing on a green light

At all intersections, a fire engine, ambulance or police vehicle sounding a siren takes precedence over all other traffic; move out of its course

The general speed limit in Zimbabwe is 120 km/h on open roads and 60km/h in urban areas, but watch for signs.

Victoria Falls and Kariba are connected by a very poor dirt road - The alternative is to drive on the Zambian side (8 hours, potholed tar for 50 kms just outside Livingstone)